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Toms Custom Auto Body to CSI Clearcoat Solutions LLC

I grew up in a small Ohio town, (Mantua, Ohio). My dad and my mom always encouraged (all 6) of us kids to work with our hands.

 From playing with Hot Wheels; to trying to work on my mini bike; to starting my first restoration; to saying to my dad at 18, ‘I'm moving to California to work in the auto body trade’….We were always encouraged!

 The auto body trade has been in my life before I was born. My Dad tells the story best how he worked at Earl Scheib in the late 50's to support his new family, and how hard the work was… But, if you worked hard you could make good money. I think that’s all I heard! 


The reason I have this section in the web site is not to brag about everything I did! I know none of these projects would be possible without help… from my dad, from my family, from every employee I had for the last 40 years, to every person involved with me in the polish and wax business, to God himself! This is a story just like yours.  I’m from this trade and I worked hard. I had some accomplishments, and yes, many more failures. But, that is how I learned this trade, and it’s how I had to teach the trade… allow people to go down their own path to find out if it worked or not. This is the story of CSI… from a frustrated auto body owner with more work than I could handle, to learning business management from the desk of a body shop. I hope this encourages you no matter ‘where’ you are in the process.