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What is passion?

 As a child it was a desire to have what I want, I think we can all relate to this kind of passion. Basically I want what I want. As an adult, a Dad, a father now I want for those who I’m responsible for.  For my wife, for my son. And we do what we can.

 As I got older those items or passions became allot harder to achieve - they became bigger, really impossible.  Now it becomes a full submission to a lot bigger person, called god or a higher power. The feeling of having to give up, and the fight of how I was able to take care of situations that were only a little less than my current situation.

 It really was a battle.

The knowledge I was learning told me to give in, but my will just couldn’t let it go.

But, finally in 1996 I said “uncle!”, and I gave in. My entire life changes, my attitude, deep depression is gone…the thought of not doing enough for those passions that were just insurmountable. 

 It was the moment I gave everything up to a god I didn’t know. That God had a name His name was Jesus.

 The idea of this company would become a reality. The journey on the outside looked a bit muddy, but the results would be the greatest measure of peace that I have ever experienced. That was over 20 years ago, and no matter what has happened that peace remained.

 CSI is truly that blessing for me.

 After this event had happened my life would go deep into reading the Bible and back to college to learn formulation. It was as if I was not in control, but I was on a ride… an amazing ride of ups and downs that would lead to this moment.

As my life went in two perfect directions at the same time…One toward God and one toward work.

 I got involved in a ministry that ministry was called More of Jesus (or  A street ministry that would go through the same roller coaster ride as my business life, with the same results of ‘Wow, how did we all get here’!

 Today I use this business called CSI to promote a toy drive we do for homeless children. It takes me back to being that child who had a deep desire about whatever was being marketed… Hot Wheels and everything else. In the end I see God almighty had a plan and He used those desires to lead me to Him.

 As we do seminars for CSI detailing classes, I ask you to consider bringing a toy for a child, those toys are given out on a very special night, Christmas eve and given out in Jesus name. They won’t understand other than hopefully the toy addresses a desire that they have. And the desire hopefully leads them to a God who already knows their needs and wants those desires to grow so big that He becomes the only one to be able to help with that mission.

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