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CSI - the new game

By 2008 the industry was changing again SYSTEM ONE would need to be completely reformulated for the newly developed much harder clear coat finishes. 

Out comes CSI - Clearcoat Solutions Inc.

As we sat down and looked at the industry, an industry that for the last 10 years we have made serious strides into with SYSTEM ONE we knew we needed to be more aggressive but still maintain that beautiful swirl free finish. This time it would be with a complete chemistry team and a full lab. 

The line would be deepened to 5 automotive products and 6 Marine products.

All in a water based matrix that truly made CSI products unique.

Lab work starts in 2008 and is ready for sale by 2009

Book by Jim Richardson and Tom Horvath (Pro Paint & Body) is revised and promoting CSI automotive products. 


The all new formula CSI is claimed to be the fastest, safest way to polish paint to perfection. The claim is so grand that the claim is Guaranteed!