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Pro Paint & Body - SYSTEM ONE

The History of SYSTEM ONE, The idea was simple ONE PRODUCT and No swirls -

SYSTEM ONE by Tom Horvath Aug 26, 2019 


The year is 1996 I’ve had a revelation, I’ve seen a possibility, that possibility call it a dream would be a focused direction for the next 20+years. 

The name of that dream would be SYSTEM ONE. 


SYSTEM ONE came onto the seen with me as bodyshop owner for about 16 years at this point being very frustrated with the simple fact of developing a perfect swirl free finish with consistency. As a think back when my dad was training me he had the same problem only it was with me. 

What was the common denominator? was it me, was it an employees I had? No. It was clearly the products being used. Every company was using some form of the same product model. All products had a solvent smell, all products where hard to clean up and all products explained on the bottle that this product should be used by a trained individual and I struggled with every product no matter the weather, tool or speed. The results where always consistent, BAD!! swirl marks, compound in the jambs, that nasty smell and a very frustrated body shop owner, me. 


And on top of all that the insurance company’s where arguing that we as body shop owners should not be paid time to color sand and polish. Yikes!!!!


I love the auto body trade. 


Thank God there was more to this trade than just color sanding & buffing. 


So what was the dream, the possibility that I saw, actually witnessed? 


My wife Sandy calls, can you pick me up after work. I don’t know why she needed a ride but I went to her work. I had been there many times before, she was the manager of a large eye glass manufacturer, a place where they put eye glasses together. 


She says “Tom can we wait a minute an employee is finishing up a pair of glasses” I say sure and I go over to the room where he is at. I ask what he was doing and he shows me a set of lens that have sanding marks from a procedure he was doing, he explains that they now go into this machine and out came a perfect set of optically clear eye glasses. I think my head exploded, what just happened? This simple act of picking up my wife would change my whole life. 


I then chased down the manufacture of the machine, I knew there was only one product in that machine. That was over 20 years ago. 


SYSTEM ONE would become the first branded polish that said to don’t need compound any more. 

SYSTEM ONE was VOC clean with no smell and easy clean up and the finish was unbeatable. 

SYSTEM ONE would go on to change the compound market all over the world. 

The first product to make the claim #nomorecompound No More Compound.

Easy clean up and swirl free. 

  • Invented by Tom Horvath in 1996
  • SYSTEM ONE changed the complete game.
  • The first product to say #nomorecompound
  • Sold all over the world to challenge the big compound manufactures that there is a faster way to polish paint and you don't need compound. 
  • After the success of SYSTEM ONE every manufacture tries to copy the format. 


The problem is that its 1996 everybody is using 2 or 3 products for buffing and struggling with swirl marks.
The brand SYSTEM ONE is launched at NACE 2001 promoted through Pro Paint & Body 2002.
The battle begins there is a faster way to polish paint.


SYSTEM ONE complete kit 

  1. One product for removing scratches 
  2. Wool pad 
  3. Foam pad 
  4. backing plate 
  5. with CD-Rom 
  6. SYSTEM ONE was the first company making the claim. 
  7. Invented in a bodyshop.