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  1. a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law.
    synonyms evidence,sworn statement,attestation,affidavit;More
    • evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.
      "his blackened finger was testimony to the fact that he had played in pain"
      synonyms: testament,proof,evidence,attestation,witness;More
  2. a public recounting of a religious conversion or experience.

In 1996 my life would be changed forever. This is a true statement that can be backed up by many people.  

       At this point in my life I'm about 16 years into owning a very successful restoration business. We were specializing primarily in exotic cars. About 10 years prior I would also get very involved in the kit car business this too would become very successful and we would be selling these projects all over the world. 

The shop was about 7000 square feet so there was plenty of room for Ferrari's, Pantera's, Cobra's, and Lamborghini's and the new kit car that we would design, build and sell these kits out of Toms Custom Auto Body and Paint.  

A situation would happen between a customer and myself regarding his kit car. 

This situation would become very big and very costly for myself and the customer as we entered a legal nightmare. 

(Looking back this could have been easily avoided but I see God would have a plan in all of this.)

       I would say I was a believer in God at this point of my life, but the things that would happen would clearly show me that I really wasn't walking with Him at all. 

This legal battle over this kit car would get very expensive, into the 100K mark for me. 

      One day I called me brother Paul and told him my dilemma. Paul had a solid walk with God and I wanted to know why God was not answering my prayers. 

Paul would tell me a couple things that were very surprising to me as I was explaining my situation. 

I of coarse explained that he was wrong in regards to what the bible said and I remember telling him that "I was going to prove he was wrong" by reading the bible. 

     At this point (1996) I am 36 years old married to my high school sweet heart since 1979 and had a beautiful little boy about 10 years old. 

After opening the bible for really the first time in my life I would find that things really weren't the way I thought they were. Paul was right and there were so many other things that I was oh so wrong on. 

    Now the question would be could the bible be wrong? That really seemed to be a battle that just went around and round. If the bible is wrong who could be right? 

My problem would really come down to if I wanted the God of the bible to help me I would have summit my life to what I now know as the truth. 

    I remember the day I fully surrendered everything to him, it wasn't in a church I had done that almost 18 years ago. It was a knowledge I know possessed after reading the bible and fully submitting that He, God was right and I was wrong. 

    The trial over the kit car was in full swing but there really was a peace I know had, I didn't know when it would be over, if ever I just had a peace about the whole thing even though everything was going to pieces. 


Sometime in late Dec. 1996 just about the time all the drinking and partying would start in the business world I would go to bed. God would speak so clearly to me. That voice woke me up from a completely sound sleep. He showed me a view of big very thick doors that went up into the air very high, the doors were opened so I could see inside. Inside the big doors were people who I knew lots and lots of them. He would go on to explain that these are the people you never told about me. 

As soon as He spoke I remember waking, screaming at the top of my lungs. Me wife wakes also and says what is wrong. I tell her the story she says write it down in your bible right now.  At this same time God would speak to me about drinking, drinking was a big part of my business life. I never had any social issues with drinking but my life completely revolved around drinking. Every where we went every vacation, every golf day, and most every night after work would revolve around drinking. God would say in that meeting that there is no more drinking. At the same time God is saying this He would say that my life is going to change and this polish business would be a big part of everything. 

Of coarse this was allot to take in I had a crazy legal battle going and now I'm going to get involved in the polish and wax business. Well that was over 20 years ago and I never drank again and polish business is stronger then ever. God has made Himself so clear for me, He has taken me through many things since that day and I have had so many opportunities to tell people about the god I didn't know.

If you are going through a dry period with God read the bible He will show you what needs to be fixed.

God Bless Tom Horvath