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More of Jesus Homeless Children Toy Drive Christmas Eve

The homeless issue has become an epidemic in Southern California and the children that are caught up in this issue find themselves  in a downward spiral. 

 The reasons for this issue are as lengthy and unexplainable as the growth of this pandemic situation. 

In 2003 a couple of us got together and said lets actually go out and see if we could make a difference. We started a non profit called 

America had just faced its darkest hour "9-11"so maybe we were all still reeling from that event. 

We would start out on a local street corner in Anaheim, CA at about 9pm. It was amazing how many people that would come out. 

The one thing that came up over and over again was the children who were caught up in something that looked completely new to all of us. This was 2003 and by 2019 this homeless situation would grow to city sizes in population. 

This is why we stated the toy drive just for these children. We go out on Christmas eve, we don't have a plan on where to go because this group moves from park to park or motel to motel. We gather the toys and go out to try and put a smile on a childs face.